Tuesday, 16 June 2015

4th Blog (OpeningOurEyes)

                                                   4th Blog...

I havent posted in 3 days can not believe it, the reason being is i have been busy with school and things like that im in year 9 and things are getting stressfull, i cant imagine what year 10's and 6 formers go through must be stressfull as, and will get no time for anything even writing blogs, youtube, games, fun, hanging out with friends if there is anyone going through a rough time Im sorry you have to go through this no one should, and if your in your GCSE's And Exams Good luck for everyone, Even though mostly everyone should hate school for me its not to bad just the mornings i hate, anyway to keep Happy in school i think of how lucky we all are, there are some children out there and parents who cannot afford for themselves for for their family,Kids etc to attend school so i think of how lucky we are to have a education even if its not a good one we still have an education this blog was short but i hope it opened your eyes a little, im going to Take a bath then bed but i hope for you to now think of how greatfull our Family,parents or even yourself for having a educatio, okay before i blabber on im gonna head of so see you later guys <3 I love youuu


Saturday, 13 June 2015

3rd Blog (ChitChat)

                            3rd Blog Post ( Chit Chat)

Sorry i havent posted in a while, been a stressfull day, i have been trying to play The Sims 3 but it wouldnt work so i had to restart my computer like 3 times and i just finished downloading origin to play it again, but then i realised i had to download all The Sims 3 games again so by the time your reading this i will proberly be waiting for it to finish downloading, so that was pretty much my whole day How was yours? i hope yours went well and not stressfull, and if any of you guys are in the middle of doing your exams What you reading this for get to work now, im joking im joking i know it is stressfull and you need a break then and now but you will look back in your future and realise how important these moments are in your life, Exams are one of the most important things that happen to everyone at a point in your life, most teens these days dont care about exams and school and are more into relationships well, i respect you for having a relationship but pay more time with your exams like i said you will look back in the future and see how these moments changes your life, i know this was short but i need to get back to downloading The Sims 3 :) I love you guys millions and are really greatfull for you to take like 3-5 minutes out of your lives to read my blog posts <3

Love you guys millions

Friday, 12 June 2015

2nd Blog (RandomTalk)

                                My Second Blog...

I cannot believe this is my second blog already its pretty crazy.I really do not know what to talk about today,I guess its going to be a random talk so lets get straight into it...
I think I am going to be talking about my issues in life right now I know it is not interesting but I need to explode before I slap someone, I suffer from Anxiety ( Panic Attacks) And it is really scary because every time you do something scary or about to or even if your in a room with to many people
you start having a little panic attack I get them usually once every month, and I am going to my best friends parents wedding and I am really nervous since I have never been to one before I have already picked out my clothes I am going to be wearing but I need to get make up anyway I am really nervous and scared because I hardly now anyone who is going and I know for a fact there is going to be loads of people.
Another issue I have right now is these 2 annoying brats in my class who are Snakes,2 Faced and anything that bothers people I always have arguments with them have never liked them ever in my life, I just wish they would move class I know it sounds rude but I have known them since year 7 and I am now in year 9 I have got to know them before I hated on them because I am not that mean guys ( Get to know someone before you judge on them they could be a really nice person who is in a tough time at there lives and maybe needs a friend) but luckily I have my 6 Best friends who I trust with my life, you can always trust your best friend/best friends to keep your secret if they tell everyone they are not your true friend trust me I have had loads of fake friends,
To be honest I need to end this blog before I write a whole book
So see you soon guys Love Youu


1st Blog (IntroductionBlog)

                               Introduction Blog...

In this short blog I am going to be introducing myself to you guys so lets get to it shall we?

Hello, My name is Jessica, I am 14 years old and i have always wanted to write a blog, right now I am fulfilling my half dream, see dreams do come true when you climb over the fear of yours and continue believing your dream, i know its hard to believe in yourself but the truth is never doubt yourself at one bit in your life the word " i cant do it" and "Its impossible " do not exist in this world, everything is possible if you just try you never know until you try.
In my life I have been through a roller-coaster loads of ups and loads of downs also loads of drops,
i guess everyone's life is not perfect but other peoples life is much worst than others, every day i think to myself " I feel so bad for the people who cannot do things i can do in my lifetime, so i must take advantage of that when i can because one of these days i will not be here so i must live up life when i can " that is one of my quotes but my main quote is " If your not beautiful i do not know what is" i have no idea when i came up with that just thinking to myself.
I know this wasn't much of an introduction its more of a teachers assembly but i just want to tell you that live up life while you can because one of these days you will not lay foot on this earth its quite a crazy thing to think about but it is true.
The next blog will be up soon, 

So i am going to say goodbye for now and i will see you guys soon 
Jessica xxx