Tuesday, 16 June 2015

4th Blog (OpeningOurEyes)

                                                   4th Blog...

I havent posted in 3 days can not believe it, the reason being is i have been busy with school and things like that im in year 9 and things are getting stressfull, i cant imagine what year 10's and 6 formers go through must be stressfull as, and will get no time for anything even writing blogs, youtube, games, fun, hanging out with friends if there is anyone going through a rough time Im sorry you have to go through this no one should, and if your in your GCSE's And Exams Good luck for everyone, Even though mostly everyone should hate school for me its not to bad just the mornings i hate, anyway to keep Happy in school i think of how lucky we all are, there are some children out there and parents who cannot afford for themselves for for their family,Kids etc to attend school so i think of how lucky we are to have a education even if its not a good one we still have an education this blog was short but i hope it opened your eyes a little, im going to Take a bath then bed but i hope for you to now think of how greatfull our Family,parents or even yourself for having a educatio, okay before i blabber on im gonna head of so see you later guys <3 I love youuu


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