Saturday, 13 June 2015

3rd Blog (ChitChat)

                            3rd Blog Post ( Chit Chat)

Sorry i havent posted in a while, been a stressfull day, i have been trying to play The Sims 3 but it wouldnt work so i had to restart my computer like 3 times and i just finished downloading origin to play it again, but then i realised i had to download all The Sims 3 games again so by the time your reading this i will proberly be waiting for it to finish downloading, so that was pretty much my whole day How was yours? i hope yours went well and not stressfull, and if any of you guys are in the middle of doing your exams What you reading this for get to work now, im joking im joking i know it is stressfull and you need a break then and now but you will look back in your future and realise how important these moments are in your life, Exams are one of the most important things that happen to everyone at a point in your life, most teens these days dont care about exams and school and are more into relationships well, i respect you for having a relationship but pay more time with your exams like i said you will look back in the future and see how these moments changes your life, i know this was short but i need to get back to downloading The Sims 3 :) I love you guys millions and are really greatfull for you to take like 3-5 minutes out of your lives to read my blog posts <3

Love you guys millions

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