Friday, 12 June 2015

1st Blog (IntroductionBlog)

                               Introduction Blog...

In this short blog I am going to be introducing myself to you guys so lets get to it shall we?

Hello, My name is Jessica, I am 14 years old and i have always wanted to write a blog, right now I am fulfilling my half dream, see dreams do come true when you climb over the fear of yours and continue believing your dream, i know its hard to believe in yourself but the truth is never doubt yourself at one bit in your life the word " i cant do it" and "Its impossible " do not exist in this world, everything is possible if you just try you never know until you try.
In my life I have been through a roller-coaster loads of ups and loads of downs also loads of drops,
i guess everyone's life is not perfect but other peoples life is much worst than others, every day i think to myself " I feel so bad for the people who cannot do things i can do in my lifetime, so i must take advantage of that when i can because one of these days i will not be here so i must live up life when i can " that is one of my quotes but my main quote is " If your not beautiful i do not know what is" i have no idea when i came up with that just thinking to myself.
I know this wasn't much of an introduction its more of a teachers assembly but i just want to tell you that live up life while you can because one of these days you will not lay foot on this earth its quite a crazy thing to think about but it is true.
The next blog will be up soon, 

So i am going to say goodbye for now and i will see you guys soon 
Jessica xxx 

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