Friday, 12 June 2015

2nd Blog (RandomTalk)

                                My Second Blog...

I cannot believe this is my second blog already its pretty crazy.I really do not know what to talk about today,I guess its going to be a random talk so lets get straight into it...
I think I am going to be talking about my issues in life right now I know it is not interesting but I need to explode before I slap someone, I suffer from Anxiety ( Panic Attacks) And it is really scary because every time you do something scary or about to or even if your in a room with to many people
you start having a little panic attack I get them usually once every month, and I am going to my best friends parents wedding and I am really nervous since I have never been to one before I have already picked out my clothes I am going to be wearing but I need to get make up anyway I am really nervous and scared because I hardly now anyone who is going and I know for a fact there is going to be loads of people.
Another issue I have right now is these 2 annoying brats in my class who are Snakes,2 Faced and anything that bothers people I always have arguments with them have never liked them ever in my life, I just wish they would move class I know it sounds rude but I have known them since year 7 and I am now in year 9 I have got to know them before I hated on them because I am not that mean guys ( Get to know someone before you judge on them they could be a really nice person who is in a tough time at there lives and maybe needs a friend) but luckily I have my 6 Best friends who I trust with my life, you can always trust your best friend/best friends to keep your secret if they tell everyone they are not your true friend trust me I have had loads of fake friends,
To be honest I need to end this blog before I write a whole book
So see you soon guys Love Youu


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